Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Finally I have been able to sort out the problems I have been having with the blog thing, now I know what to do, so no need to be a bother to anyone!!! What a relief. Now onto something else. Here are a few of the bags and other things I have been up to. This red bag is really something else, the more of these bags I knit, the more I have to knit, no wonder this is called the EVERLASTING BAGSTOPPER, you never stop knitting them, they are highly addictive. This one went to my darling Chantal.
This one my mother-in-law decided was hers.
This green one was my favorite, until Chante decided that is exactly what she needed to take her Hockey clothes to school in, the exact color of her school uniform, so once again I lost out.
This set is just something I tried out, came out looking not too shabby at all.
This pink set is going all the way to Australia, it was knitted as a gift for my son for his lady friend way down under in Australia. I really hope his friend enjoys her goods, he was very excited to get the parcel in the post.
Aw, dont laugh, these are my very first pair of socks that I have ever knitted, but I dont think I will do another pair, I am not too fond of the sock thing.
The Aussie bag, this yarn is gorgeous to knit with, ELLE ESCAPADES, it is a dream to knit with. It is a self-patterning yarn and really delightful, there are about 8 different colors and each color makes its own pattern. Really a joy to knit with.

Now Ladies and Gents, this is the latest addition to our darling Pigeon family. This little bird I almost stepped on last Wednesday while George and I were out walking. She cannot fly, still too small and I thank God that I went walking that day, just to be able to give this little baby a good chance of survival.
I keep her away from the family pets, I dont want her to get too used to humans, she has to stay wild, so in about 2 weeks I can open the cage and let her fly.
She was rather scared when I opened the cage to take photos and instinctively she lifted her little wing to attack me, that is what this photo is about.
Here my little friend sees that I mean no harm to her and the little wing starts to go down.
Look how calm she is, she can sense that I mean no harm to her, so she sits calmly, allowing me to take the photos.
What a wonderful privilege to be able to take care of God's wonderful creation, I adore birds and I will do everything in my power to keep them safe and out of danger.
Until we meet again at my next posting, have a great, God-blessed day.
Thank you for visiting my blog, bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Moeks

Your BLOG is SUPER COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Thank you so much for everything you do for us. I LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE my bag, Chante & Natasha ook.

Love u lots like jelly tots

Lil Knitter said...

Your bags are awesome! You're gonna catch up to me yet. lol
Finally, a photo of the birdie...she's sweet.


Karin said...

The bags are absolutely awesome, you are doing a great job my Sussa. I will try to bring you some of the yarn with. Love you lots.and lots, see you in two weeks!!
Sussie in USA
Drukkies and God's blessings.

Anonymous said...

Is there a pattern for the Everlasting Bagstopper bag?
I looked in previous blog entries for it - found a cloth pattern I like very much (and thank you for it), but not the bagstopper pattern. Or directions about where it came from.

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

Lil Knitter said...

There's a surprise for you on my blog. Love you very much!