Sunday, May 11, 2008


Now Ladies and gents, you might not believe me, but this is no lie, these beautiful photos were taken by Natasha, my 5 year old granddaughter. She took photos of their little miniature Daschhund Chloe and her babies.
Here you can see Chloe and her 4 little girl babies. They were born on Tuesday 5th May 2008. Look how sweet they are and Oumie is so proud of this little girl, her photos are beautiful and these puppies are the cutest little Worsies.


Here we go, what a proud moment for a grandma, to have the privilege to watch her granddaughter play a Net ball match. Chante is 8 years old, but what a joy to watch this little girl in action, she is like a little Jack-in-the-box, she is all over.
Running to get the ball so that she can score yet another goal for her team!!!
What a proud moment, yet another goal, these little girls have not yet lost a single game they have played. They work extremely hard, the whole team and they achieve victory after victory, but they deserve every single victory.
Chante's little team, see the smile on their faces, they know they work very hard to achieve this, congratulations girls, you really do your school proud. Hou so aan julle, julle is ware wenners!!!
These little girls are only 8 years old, but already they show what champions are made of. Their teacher and trainer are extremely proud of them. This little team have now been playing together since Grade 1, they are now in Grade 2 and already I see a very bright future ahead for them. Next Saturday they play in Nelspruit, about 200km from Ermelo, go girls, show them what Laerskool JJ van der Merwe has got, you keep up the excellent work girls. May our good Lord bless and keep you all.


These beautiful photos were taken by my wonderful son George, what a wonderful photographer he is. Here are more photos of the sun setting over Ermelo. The weather is slowly but surely changing and it is starting to get mighty chilly here.
These photos were taken from his house, he has his own place and my, what an extremely neat and tidy boy of mine this is, I am so very proud of him.
Georgie, well done. Jou fotos is pragtig my kind hou so aan.

For everyone that has visited my blog, I say thank you. May our wonderful Lord bless each and everyone visiting my blog. Keep well and thanks once again.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


This is my version of the Everlasting Bagstopper, what a fantastic bag to knit. I thank the designer, it is truly beautiful.
The view when opened.
My bag when pulled closed.
The next Everlasting Bagstopper. I am Knitting it with Elle Venice, what wonderful wool. It is 90% Silk and 10% Polyamide. This is really super to knit with. The colour I am using is DAIQUIRI.The solid yarn is Pure Gold Double Knitting, this is my favorite wool and I just love knitting with Pure Gold.
If any of you can get your hands on this yarn, go ahead and get some, it is somewhat expensive, but well worth the knit.

Thanks all for visiting my blog, I really appreciate all the comments left. Have a wonderful, peaceful day, filled with love, laughter and showers of blessings.

Until we meet again, have a wonderful day and God bless you.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

BUBBLES - The Rainbow Family

This is my version of Bubbles - by the very talented Susan Mrenna and I call them Bubbles, The Rainbow Family. South Africa is known as the Rainbow nation, hence the Rainbow Family. Thank you Susan, I have just loved knitting Bubbles and his Family. I am going to do another family of Bubbles, but without the fin. This is a wonderful pattern and it knits up so fast. Come on Susan, create another something that we can go crazy over.
Thanks once again and 3 cheers to Susan and Bubbles and thanks to Alli for creating the Bubbles with Fins.

Friday, May 2, 2008


This is another of Will's designs, he is a natural, he designed this while on vacation in December 2007.
This is my frist try at designing, but I think I must stick to knitting and leave it to the people who know what to do.
Chante's doll - School Outfit that I knitted, my what a pretty outfit that doll has, even a neck tie!!!!! LOL
What a lucky dolly to have such a neat uniform.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comments, they mean the world to me. Have a great day and God bless all that visit my blog.


This is a set that I knitted for our yarn supplier, Mohammed's son, it is a gift for his girl friend who stays in Durban.
This is a scarf in progress.
Chante's crocheted blanket.
I am busy with George's Pullover, luckily I have knitted a few rows today.
This is a Lizard that Amy designed, I test knitted it for her, is it not just too cute? I like this Lizard, my son William has two of them living in his apartment in the Cape, so I am going to knit another one in Terracotta and give it to Will.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I have been telling you about Krombekkie for a while now, now I have more exciting news, Krombekkie has brought a friend home and this one we call 'Eenbeentjie"(One Leg), this darling little bird seems to have broken her leg, but she brought this little one home, knowing that we will never frighten her, nor chase her out, so she comes with our little Krombekkie, faithfully each and every day and has her food in the comfort of Krombekkie's mothers kitchen.
Here is a photo of our new darling friend, Eenbeentjie, look at this poor little bird's foot, but she is more than welcome in our home. Even with her cockeyed foot, she is still a very beautiful little bird. elcome to our home my little one.


Tash standing singing Old McDonald had a farm!!!
Tash sitting singing with the rest of her group.
Tash's friend, I don't know what she was supposed to be, but she was also singing.
Here are the two "Lappoppies".
Two pumpkins that were thrown away on the dirt heap, poor pumpkins they also have feelings.

The concert was a disaster, we have load shedding here and on Friday when it was the little one's concert, we again had power cuts, but the show went on and the little ones could not wait to give their Oupa's and Ouma's their gifts that were made especially for them. That was the highlight of their day.

All in all it was a most enjoyable day and we had fun watching these little ones perform even thought they did not have music, they sang their little hearts out for their grandparents.

Thank you little ones, you bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. We love you very much.


Just some of the ways that I love planting. I took these 'Hen&her chicks' thats what I call them, and planted them in my palm tree. I think it looks so nice.

These are just some of the beautiful flowers in my garden. I thought the photo of the fly was a classic, it seemed as though the fly was posing, what an ugly thing!!! lol
The Fuschia is my favorite flower, but I love all flowers and will add more to my collection.
I have a large variety of Azaleas as well, they are acid loving plants and I usually take my tea leaves and sprinkle that around the Azaleas and they thrive on it.
The Rose is just as unique, it changes color as the flower gets older. It does not smell nice at all, but the flower is very pretty.