Friday, May 2, 2008


This is another of Will's designs, he is a natural, he designed this while on vacation in December 2007.
This is my frist try at designing, but I think I must stick to knitting and leave it to the people who know what to do.
Chante's doll - School Outfit that I knitted, my what a pretty outfit that doll has, even a neck tie!!!!! LOL
What a lucky dolly to have such a neat uniform.

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Lil Knitter said...

I recognized those two cloths right away. He did a great job and you did too. I think your little fella is just too cute.

That's the cutest little outfit Chante's doll is wearing. I bet that's your design too. :)

Liefde en drukkies!

Anonymous said...

Your Blog is looking lovely sis....I was impressed when I finally got to view it this morning. You are doing so well with the knitting, I am so proud of you my darling sis.

Love you lots

pastel.maiden said...

Hello again, yes, I too recognized the designs. I though the skirt on Chante's doll looked wonderful, nice and full, and the necktie as well. Give us more!!! ;-)
Love as always,