Thursday, May 1, 2008


I have been telling you about Krombekkie for a while now, now I have more exciting news, Krombekkie has brought a friend home and this one we call 'Eenbeentjie"(One Leg), this darling little bird seems to have broken her leg, but she brought this little one home, knowing that we will never frighten her, nor chase her out, so she comes with our little Krombekkie, faithfully each and every day and has her food in the comfort of Krombekkie's mothers kitchen.
Here is a photo of our new darling friend, Eenbeentjie, look at this poor little bird's foot, but she is more than welcome in our home. Even with her cockeyed foot, she is still a very beautiful little bird. elcome to our home my little one.


pastel.maiden said...

Oh what a lovely pair of birds! So nice of you to be so welcoming to all God's creatures... Keep us posted, Shirley, we want to know what happens next! Love, Malgosia and Andrew

Lil Knitter said... sweet. Krombekkie must be a lot like you. I hope Eenbeentjie decides to stay.