Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Now does she not look too sweet, this is the funniest kid around and she has such a marvelous sense of humor, Oumie is baie lief vir jou my ou Patat.
Look at that face, I could just give her such a big kiss. I love this little girl of mine so very much. Jy is te kostelik oumie se Patat.
SAY AAAAHH, mouth wide open, let the Uncle Dr see your tonsils!!!!!!!A beautiful cloth designed by our own Amy, man my hubby loves this one, there is another one, I have to still knit it, but it will be done as soon as today, promise Amy.
Just another cloth that I knitted, one of many in my desire to make two blankets, one for each of my little darlings, Chante and Tash. There are almost enough to get their blankets done before our winter comes. It is starting to get mighty chilly over here in South Africa.


Aw Natash how sweet, this is going to be for a concert on Friday for her Oupa&Ouma day. She is so excited and her mommy has done quiet a lot to get her outfit looking so very smart. Dankie Mamma.
Her tail which she just loves.
These are the stitch markers I made. Here in Ermelo they are hard to find, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack, so my darling friend Melanie showed me what hers looked like and I made myself some.
Some more and then there are still more, so Chantal can come along and take some if she needs them. I love charms and I will put charms on everything I can

Friday, April 18, 2008


These are my favorite flowers, I have a whole lot of different Fuschias all around my garden.
This is an ornamental bicycle and one of the many water features in our garden. I love gardening and can spend the whole day in my garden, but sadly in winter no gardening is done, as nothing grows here and we have water restrictions, so not much can be done.

Yahoo is having problems again, so I will add more photos soon.


This is my old man, having a rest in the strawberry patch, he guards my entrance at the gate.
These two are his helpers, but they play more than guard, but overall they just love being covered by the strawberries!!! LOL
This is my darling Sasha Labrador and lying on her is my little boy, Valie. He hates lying on the floor, so he always looks for a soft spot to lie and usually it is on top of poor Sasha, but she is very patient and allows him to lie on top of her.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


THE AFRIKAANSE TAALMONUMENT (Afrikaans Language Monument) in the background.
PAARLBERG (Paarl Mountain)
Another photo of Paarl mountain



This is a town is between the Karoo and Worcester, called Touws River. A wine farming community, nestled between the mountains

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Taken from the book: The Harmony Guide's The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches (p153)
Test Knitted by : Chantal Boonstra
Peaches & Creme – Solid (any color)
1 pair size 7 (US) Needles
Yo = yarn over
K2tog = knit 2 stitches together
Cast on 50 sts
Row 1-5: Knit
Row 6 : K4, purl 42, k4
Row 7 : K 6, yo, k1, [p3, k1] 4X, yo,k4, yo,k1,[p3,k1]4x,yo,k6 (54 sts)
Row 8 : k4, purl 46, k4
Row 9 : K7,yo,k1,[p3,k1]x4,yo,k6,yo,k1,[p3,k1]4x,yo,k7 (58sts)
Row 10 : k4, purl 50, k4
Row 11 : K8,yo,k1,[p3,k1]x4,yo,k8,yo,k1,[p3,k1]x4,yo,k8 (62 sts)
Row 12 : k4, purl 54, k4
Row 13 : K9,yo,k1,[p2tog, p1,k1]x4,yo,k10,yo,k1,[p2tog, p1,k1]x4,yo,k9(58 sts)
Row 14 : k4, purl 50, k4
Row 15 : k10,yo,k1,[p2tog,k1]x4,yo,k12,yo,k1,[p2tog,k1]x4,yo,k10 (54 sts)
Row 16 : k4, purl 46, k4
Row 17 : K11,yo,k1,[p3tog,k1]x2,yo,k14,yo,k1,[p3tog,k1]x2,yo,k11 (50 sts)
Row 18 : K4, purl 42, k4
Row 19 : K 6, yo, k1, [p3, k1] 4X, yo,k4, yo,k1,[p3,k1]4x,yo,k6 (54 sts)
Row 20 : k4, purl 46, k4
Row 21 : K7,yo,k1,[p3,k1]x4,yo,k6,yo,k1,[p3,k1]4x,yo,k7 (58sts)
Row 22 : k4, purl 50, k4
Row 23 : K8,yo,k1,[p3,k1]x4,yo,k8,yo,k1,[p3,k1]x4,yo,k8 (62 sts)
Row 24: k4, purl 54, k4
Row 25 : K9,yo,k1,[p2tog,p1,k1]x4,yo,k10,yo,k1p2tog,p1,k1]x4,yo,k9 (58 sts)
Row 26 : k4, purl 50, k4
Row 27 : k10,yo,k1,[p2tog,k1]x4yo,k12,yo,k1,[p2tog,k1]x4,yo,k10 (54 sts)
Row 28 : k4, purl 46, k4
Row 29 : K11,yo,k1,[p3tog,k1]x2,yo,k14,yo,k1,[p3tog,k1]x2,yo,k11 (50 sts)
Row 30 : K4, purl 42, k4
Row 31 : K 6, yo, k1, [p3, k1] 4X, yo,k4, yo,k1,[p3,k1]4x,yo,k6 (54 sts)
Row 32 : k4, purl 46, k4
Row 33 : K7,yo,k1,[p3,k1]x4,yo,k6,yo,k1,[p3,k1]4x,yo,k7 (58sts)
Row 34 : k4, purl 50, k4
Row 35 : K8,yo,k1,[p3,k1]x4,yo,k8,yo,k1,[p3,k1]x4,yo,k8 (62 sts)
Row 36 : k4, purl 54, k4
Row 37 : K9,yo,k1,[p2tog,p1,k1]x4,yo,k10,yo,k1,[p3,k1]x4,yo,k9 (58 sts)
Row 38 : k4, purl 50, k4
Row 39 : k10,yo,k1,[p2tog,k1]x4,yo,k12,yo,k1,[p2tog,k1]x4,yo,k10 (54 sts)
Row 40 : k4, purl 46, k4
Row 41 : K11,yo,k1,[p3tog,k1]x2,yo,k14,yo,k1,[p3tog,k1]x2,yo,k11 (50 sts)
Row 42 : K4, purl 42, k4
Row 43 : K 6, yo, k1, [p3, k1] 4X, yo,k4, yo,k1,[p3,k1]4x,yo,k6 (54 sts)
Row 44 : k4, purl 46, k4
Row 45 : K7,yo,k1,[p3,k1]x4,yo,k6,yo,k1,[p3,k1]4x,yo,k7 (58sts)
Row 46 : k4, purl 50, k4
Row 47 : K8,yo,k1,[p3,k1]x4,yo,k8,yo,k1,[p3,k1]x4,yo,k8 (62 sts)
Row 48 : k4, purl 54, k4
Row 49 : K9,yo,k1,[p2tog,p1,k1]x4,yo,k10,yo,k1,[p2tog,p1,k1]x4,yo,k9 (58 sts)
Row 50 : k4, purl 50, k4
Row 51 : k10,yo,k1,[p2tog,k1]x4,yo,k12,yo,k1,[p2tog,k1]x4,yo,k10 (54 sts)
Row 52 : k4, purl 46, k4
Row 53 : K11,yo,k1,[p3tog,k1]x2,yo,k14,yo,k1,[p3tog,k1]x2,yo,k11 (50 sts)
Row 54 : K4, purl 42, k4
Rows 55-58 : Knit
Row 59 : Bind off and weave in the ends

I hope you enjoy this little pattern, I really enjoyed knitting it so I hope you also enjoy it. I would like to thank my darling Chantal for test knitting this for her mom, thank you my darling.

This is just something new I am trying and I truely enjoy every minute of it, so keep an eye on this page, more are sure to follow.

Have a great day filled with God's richest blessings, thank you for visiting my blog.


Here is a small something for each and everyone visiting my blog, enjoy knitting this and have fun making your own design. Thank you very much for visiting my blog.


I use double knitting yarn and size 3.75mm needles (I think this would be your worsted yarn and size 5 US needles)

Cast on 15 sts

Row 1: Knit 12, m1, k3

Row 2 : Knit

Row 3 : Knit

Row 4 : Knit

Row 5 : Knit 12, m1, k2, m1, k2

Row 6 : Knit

Row 7 : Knit

Row 8 : Bind off 3 stitches, knit to end of row

Repeat these 8 rows 10x more (11 patterns) for baby hanger
Repeat these 8 rows 13 more times (14 patterns) for normal hanger

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Here we go, my utensil holders that I made, I just love these FAT Ladies, I think they are the greatest. My Fat Ladies Apron that I painted, this is the fabric painting that I do.
Another apron that I painted, one can never have too many of these.
My kitchen clock that I made myself, this is the Decoupage that I always talk about, this is such a lovely and fun thing to do and I adore the decoupage, it is so much fun.
My bread bin, as well as my wall decoration, made by the one and only.
My blackboard, another decoupage item


On Saturday afternoon, my little girl came flying into the kitchen and sat eating, now for the fun part, when she finished eating, she decided it was time for her grooming episode, so what did she do?
This is where she flew and decided to start grooming herself, before time to go to sleep.
She loves George, so she flew right onto his head and that is where she groomed her feathers!!! He was walking all over the kitchen and that is just where she stayed, on his head until she was done with the grooming, then she flew off to her sleeping place.

Monday, April 7, 2008


This is the very first KAL done in our new group ShirleysKnittingKnook, what a wonderful design, done by the very talented Melanie or better know to all Mel. Well done my friend, you are really talented and we look forward to many more such wonderful designs. Come on Amy, now that your huge assignment is completed, we hope that you will be designing a new KAL for our group.
This is one of our Amy's designs, she too is a very talented lady. Amy you and Mel can have a new design for each KAL that we do. The monthly KAL is in your and Mel's hands and the mid-month KAL is my baby. So get your pencil sharpened and your pc going and come up with a new design for the group please, you have about 3 weeks, so you can do it.
This is the sweater I designed and knitted for myself. I am an addicted knitter and I love knitting all kinds of things, just not socks, I cannot seem to get a liking to knitting socks. Okay Mel, I know what you want to say, it is so nice knitting socks, but I will stick to my favorite, sweaters, cardigans and the like, BUT not many socks will be coming off my needles.

My late mother taught me from a very young age to knit, but boy was she a strict teacher. I am not sorry though,as she taught me all there was to know about knitting, and I thank my late Mom for the lessons she taught me, because of Mom, I learned to love the art of knitting and thus my addiction to knitting, which gladly my darling daughter Chantal, inherited from both my darling Mom and I.

I am going to share a whole lot of wonderful things with you.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for the wonderful, uplifting comments left by all.


This is my one and only daughter Chantal. She is my pride and joy. She was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago, but this girl does not let that stand in her way. She is every mothers dream daughter. She has been knitting from the tender age of five, she can do all kinds of things, she knits, crochets, cooks, bakes, is a wonderful hostess and mostly, she is an excellent mother to her two little girls Chante(8) and Natasha(5). Baie dankie Poplap.
Dankie dat jy so goeie dogter is, jy maak my en jou pa trots.
Keep up the good work my darling and congratulations on your blog, you do a wonderful job on your blog. If you would like to visit Chantals blog, please do not hesitate, her blog addy:
pop in say hi and see what beautiful work she does.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Snippie - my darling Pug, she is the clown of my family - person or pet
There you go our Amy - Georgie's Jessica


My darling Amy and you thought you are going to skip the front page? Well not in a million years. This is our Amy, she is a very wonderful friend to both Mel and I, we love you our friend. She is a very talented designer and she is a very loving and caring friend. She has just completed a huge task that she had designed, but she did all the knitting as well, go and visit her blog at and please support her.
Our Amy thank you for your wonderful friendshaip, you mean the world to Mel and I, thanks for your kindness and I hope your marketplace does very well.
Baie lief vir jou.


Sunset over Emerald Bay - Strand/Gordon's Bay
Wild sea - Betty's Bay


Well here we go, Mel wanted Photos of my two boys and now they are going to be shown, with pride, for all the world to see.
This is Will, my youngest, he is at Stellenbosch University, his final year, studying B.Com Accounting. He is a very lovable boy and I am so honored to call him my son, he has the most wonderful personality and this is my Boet's naughty son.
Go Will, dad and I are behind you. Hou aan Seun, jy kan dit doen, ons is 100% agter jou, aanhouer wen.
We love you very much our Will and we miss you a great deal.
This is also Mel's SA boy, she is extremely fond of him and just loves his wit.

Now here is the truely naughty one, but boy do I love this boy of mine. This is my very artistic son, George. He is a very chatty kid, just like his mom, sometimes a wee bit serious, but a chatterbox all the same.

He works with his dad in the family business, he has no choice, what with a brother at Varsity and a dad that just wants to go on vacation and a mom that accompanies his dad, he has to keep the home fires burning.

This is also my Boets other son and he loves my kids as though they were his own.

He has his own house, and what a neat chappie this is, but he shares his home with the love of his life, his golden Labrador Jessica. That is more than a dog, that is my boys little girl and she loves her dad so very much.

Boeta, ons is baie trots op jou en ons is so dankbaar jy is ons seun. We love you my boy, you are any mother's dream


This is the best friend in the world. Melanie is SIMPLY THE BEST, BETTER THAN ALL THE REST, BETTER THAN ANYONE, ANYONE I EVER MET.
She touched my heart from the word go, I thank God each day for this earth Angel that He sent me. Mel is the best pal and as her kids say, THE BEST MOM, in the whole world.
Mel thank you for your wonderful friendship, for your love and total devotion to thw entire SMITH family, we appreciate it and we love you stacks.

Mel this is just for you:

Friends are Angels sent from Heaven,
They guide you, care for you, love you and inspire you.
YOU are one of the sweetest Angels I have ever met.
May God bless you and keep you and I love you very much.

Mel has been my inspiration in everything I do and I salute you my darling friend, you are the driving force behind my success. Thank you.


Now my darling Boet, this is your surprise, yes I am bragging with you and Sussa and Biancie.
Gordon and his family stay way over in Andover, MA, so all of you over in the USA will know exactly where that is. This is my favorite sibling and I love him dearly. I miss him more than he will ever know and I love him more than words can say.

Here they all 3 are, My boet Gordon, Karin and Bianca. My how I miss these darlings of mine, but hopefully I will be seeing the 3 of them in June 2008, what a wonderful something to look forward to.

Julle drie moet jul dag geniet en ek is baie, baie lief vir julle.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


This was taken on our way back from our vacation in the wonderful Cape. What a wonderful time we spent with out son Will, it is always a pleasure to be with that boy.
George and I had a wonderful 2 weeks of rest and we really enjoyed it, but boy does it get hot there!!!
I managed to get a whole lot of knitting done, will share the pics with you all.



One morning while going for a walk, George and I came across this tiny, ugly little bird, no mommy and no feathers. I decided to try my hand at hand rearing this little ugly thing and to my surprise this was how my ugly baby turned out. That was about 2 years ago. My Krombekkie is so tame, she comes in early morning, eats her food, later she comes and rests in the kitchen. Then around 5 pm, she comes back for her evening meal, flies off and goes to sleep. This little bird is so tame, when we have a BBQ, she comes and joines us and that is exactly what she did on our Chante's birthday, had to join in in our BBQ, to celebrate with Chante.
We call her Krombekkie (Crooked mouth), because her mouth is a bit misformed, but I think it is from falling out the nest. She sits on my shoulder and sometimes even on my head, but I dont mind one bit, she is such a lovely little bird, we all love her.


Now these two are Oumie's pride and joy, they are they best gift that God could have ever given an Oumie. Chante is 8 years old and Natasha is 5. They are the best buddies, but boy they can also be best enemies!!!. Oumie is baie lief vir julle. Get well soon you two, Oumie prays for a speedy recovery. They both had their tonsils removed on 2 April, and they have some pain, but it will get better and their health will improve in leaps and bounds.

OUPA AND HIS GIRLS (Chantal, Chante and Natasha)

These 3 (not Chantal) love posing and they are always ready for a photo or two. Natasha is the serious one and thinks that if she smiles her face will crack!!! lol just a joke.

Well my friends, thanks to my darling friend Mel for creating such a lovely design on my Blog, she works magic.

Dankie my liefste vriendin, jy is die beste.

Have a great day, I am going to sit and do what I love best, KNIT, till we chat again, love you all.