Sunday, April 6, 2008


Well here we go, Mel wanted Photos of my two boys and now they are going to be shown, with pride, for all the world to see.
This is Will, my youngest, he is at Stellenbosch University, his final year, studying B.Com Accounting. He is a very lovable boy and I am so honored to call him my son, he has the most wonderful personality and this is my Boet's naughty son.
Go Will, dad and I are behind you. Hou aan Seun, jy kan dit doen, ons is 100% agter jou, aanhouer wen.
We love you very much our Will and we miss you a great deal.
This is also Mel's SA boy, she is extremely fond of him and just loves his wit.

Now here is the truely naughty one, but boy do I love this boy of mine. This is my very artistic son, George. He is a very chatty kid, just like his mom, sometimes a wee bit serious, but a chatterbox all the same.

He works with his dad in the family business, he has no choice, what with a brother at Varsity and a dad that just wants to go on vacation and a mom that accompanies his dad, he has to keep the home fires burning.

This is also my Boets other son and he loves my kids as though they were his own.

He has his own house, and what a neat chappie this is, but he shares his home with the love of his life, his golden Labrador Jessica. That is more than a dog, that is my boys little girl and she loves her dad so very much.

Boeta, ons is baie trots op jou en ons is so dankbaar jy is ons seun. We love you my boy, you are any mother's dream


amy-lynne......... said...

what else can i say other than ... they are very good looking men... when are we going to see pictures of jessica?... thanks for sharing pictures.... love and drukkies!!!

Lil Knitter said...

My boys! Aren't they the most handsome fellas!
Yes, Will is a lovable boy but I need to brush up to keep up with his sharp tongue...he's very quick!

My Georgie! Don't be fooled by that serious nature...he can be pretty dang witty too and so unbelievably talented! I can't wait to see more of his artwork.

Shirl, I love these boys like they are my own. And that they each have a special name for me makes me so happy. Give them hugs for me!

Lief jou baie!!

Shirl said...

My Mel and Amy
Thank you, yes these boys are very special, they are any mothers dream..
Drukkies vir jul altwee.