Sunday, April 13, 2008


Here is a small something for each and everyone visiting my blog, enjoy knitting this and have fun making your own design. Thank you very much for visiting my blog.


I use double knitting yarn and size 3.75mm needles (I think this would be your worsted yarn and size 5 US needles)

Cast on 15 sts

Row 1: Knit 12, m1, k3

Row 2 : Knit

Row 3 : Knit

Row 4 : Knit

Row 5 : Knit 12, m1, k2, m1, k2

Row 6 : Knit

Row 7 : Knit

Row 8 : Bind off 3 stitches, knit to end of row

Repeat these 8 rows 10x more (11 patterns) for baby hanger
Repeat these 8 rows 13 more times (14 patterns) for normal hanger

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Lil Knitter said...

Your coat hanger covers are so pretty. I really love the ribbon...adds a nice touch.

I need to get some of the wooden coat hangers so I can make some covers for myself. I think maybe I have a couple but mostly just plastic ones here.

Lief jou baie!