Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Now does she not look too sweet, this is the funniest kid around and she has such a marvelous sense of humor, Oumie is baie lief vir jou my ou Patat.
Look at that face, I could just give her such a big kiss. I love this little girl of mine so very much. Jy is te kostelik oumie se Patat.
SAY AAAAHH, mouth wide open, let the Uncle Dr see your tonsils!!!!!!!A beautiful cloth designed by our own Amy, man my hubby loves this one, there is another one, I have to still knit it, but it will be done as soon as today, promise Amy.
Just another cloth that I knitted, one of many in my desire to make two blankets, one for each of my little darlings, Chante and Tash. There are almost enough to get their blankets done before our winter comes. It is starting to get mighty chilly over here in South Africa.


Lil Knitter said...

There's the cutie pie again.
Big hugs from Aunty Medaldie! :)

I can see the RS cloth so much better in this really turned out good. YAY George!

I love that little house...I can't wait until you finish the blankets and see how they turn out.

Lief jou baie!

Chantal said...

Hallo Moek

Ma se DC kom so mooi uit. Ons pooh kind is mal oor haar outfit. Lekker dag vir ma.
Love u lots