Thursday, May 1, 2008


Just some of the ways that I love planting. I took these 'Hen&her chicks' thats what I call them, and planted them in my palm tree. I think it looks so nice.

These are just some of the beautiful flowers in my garden. I thought the photo of the fly was a classic, it seemed as though the fly was posing, what an ugly thing!!! lol
The Fuschia is my favorite flower, but I love all flowers and will add more to my collection.
I have a large variety of Azaleas as well, they are acid loving plants and I usually take my tea leaves and sprinkle that around the Azaleas and they thrive on it.
The Rose is just as unique, it changes color as the flower gets older. It does not smell nice at all, but the flower is very pretty.

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Lil Knitter said...

I always love to see your garden photos. You have the most gorgeous garden I have ever seen.
I have got to get one of those Fuschia plants.