Sunday, May 4, 2008

BUBBLES - The Rainbow Family

This is my version of Bubbles - by the very talented Susan Mrenna and I call them Bubbles, The Rainbow Family. South Africa is known as the Rainbow nation, hence the Rainbow Family. Thank you Susan, I have just loved knitting Bubbles and his Family. I am going to do another family of Bubbles, but without the fin. This is a wonderful pattern and it knits up so fast. Come on Susan, create another something that we can go crazy over.
Thanks once again and 3 cheers to Susan and Bubbles and thanks to Alli for creating the Bubbles with Fins.


pastel.maiden said...

Absolutely! I'm making a Mommy Bubbles and a Baby Bubbles for my Mom for Mother's Day, which in Poland ids celebrated on May 26th. I'm making both with fins. They are just such fun to knit, and they look adorable!
Mummy is blue with yellow, Baby is turquoise with white.
I now feel totally Bubbled.
Love, Malgosia

Lil Knitter said...

My Shirl, yours are THE best ones I've seen so far with the eyes and the bubbles....awesome creative touch!