Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This is my darling doll Sally, I got her as a Christmas gift when I was 4 years old, sadly she has lost an arm and a finger, but to me she is still the most beautiful doll in the world. This is her Christmas outfit, knitted in Peaches 'n Creme 100% cotton, I got this as a gift from one of my darling friends in the Knitting Knook Group that I own.
Another outfit for Sally, knitted in acrylic and bought at Mohammed's Yarn Shop.

Sally's new outfit, knitted for her Christmas 2008, this is knitted with Elle's Pure Gold and the red yarn I cannot remember the name.

Another outfit knitted in Pure Gold and Sensations.

Another outfit for Sally knitted with 100% pure cotton, all the way from the USA.

Sally's Nurse Outfit.

Sally's French Girl Outfit


A beautiful pram set.


One of the items I designed, this is a tissue holder, knitted in 100% cotton.


The bath mitten and tissue holder that I designed and knitted in 100% cotton.


Shirley's bed socks, I designed and am very proud of the outcome.


This is Amy's Cowboy, designed by the very talented Amy-Lynne Mitchell, you can fine her at:www.frogiezplace.blogspot.com, she is one very talented lady.


My pinwheel blanket, finished at last!!!


Natasha's little cardigan, knitted in 100% cotton.


Little Easter Hens protecting their eggs.


This is a cloth that I designed for TheKnittingKnook Group, I loved the outcome and I named it "THE GREATEST GIFT", and it was the April Monthly KAL (Knit Along)


This set was a combined effort by the very talented Melanie Thompson and myself, you can find Mel's blog at: http://lilknitofthisandthat.blogspot.com/


This is a Shirley Design and I knitted this little beauty for my darling little Chante.
And so my sweet friends, I will have another episode tomorrow, be sure and tune in for more exciting news and maybe a freebie or two.
Have a wonderful day filled with God's richest blessings.

Cloth For Chantal
(I dedicate this cloth to my darling daughter Chantal)
(I love you more than words can say)
Designed by: Shirley Smith
Scraps of cotton
US 4 needles (3.50mm needles)
Cast on 15 sts
1st row: Knit 13 stitches, turn
2nd row: Slip 1, knit 11, knit twice in last stitch
3rd row: Knit 13 stitches, turn
4th row: Slip 1, knit 11, knit twice in last stitch
5th row: Knit 13 stitches, turn
6th row: Slip 1, knit 11, knit twice in last stitch (18 stitches)
7th row: Knit 13 stitches, turn
8th row: Slip 1, knit 10, slip 1, k1, pass slipped stitch over
9th row: Knit 11, turn
10th row: Slip 1, knit 8, slip 1, k1, pass slipped stitch over
11th row: Knit 9, turn
12th row: Slip 1, knit 6, slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over
13th row: Knit 7, turn
14th row: slip 1, knit 5, knit twice into last stitch
15th row: Knit 7, turn
16th row: slip 1, knit 5, knit twice into last stitch
17th row: Knit 7, turn
18th row: slip 1, knit 5, knit twice into last stitch(18 stitches)
19th row: Knit 7, turn
20th row: Slip 1, knit 4, slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over
21st row: Knit 5, turn
22nd row: Slip 1, knit 2, slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over
23rd row: Knit 3, turn
24th row: Slip 1, slip 1, k1, pass 2nd slipped stitch over
25th row: k1, (yo , slip 1 purlwise, k1 into back of stitch, pass slipped stitch over) 6 times, knit 2
26th row: Slip 1, purl 14
Repeat last 26 rows another 5 times (there must be 6 patterns of 26 rows knitted)
Bind off.


Good afternoon

Well it has been awfully long since I have blogged. I have been busy knitting and designing and finally I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

I am so sorry for neglecting my blog for so long, but I promise to keep it updated on a more regular basis.

Our darling son Will has also now got his degree and he is now working for an Auditor's firm in Cape Town, now we will only be seeing him once a year, but that is fine, now I have an excuse to visit Cape Town more often.

Chantal has finally got her wheels as well and she has called her wheel chair "ZOOM ZOOM", it is a beautiful metallic blue and she is very pleased.

My eldest son George, is now into photography and I am hoping he will teach me a few tricks of the trade.

The three men and my darling grand daughter Chante, are all into golf. Chante loves it and she gets professional golf lessons from Vaughn Groenewald, who she adores. He is a very kind and gentle person and just the right one to teach her.

Well time for some more photos, I hope you enjoy my knitting, be on the look out for a freebie, I hope you will enjoy knitting it.

Thanks a million for visiting my blog, God Bless you all.

Hugs and Blessings