Saturday, April 5, 2008



One morning while going for a walk, George and I came across this tiny, ugly little bird, no mommy and no feathers. I decided to try my hand at hand rearing this little ugly thing and to my surprise this was how my ugly baby turned out. That was about 2 years ago. My Krombekkie is so tame, she comes in early morning, eats her food, later she comes and rests in the kitchen. Then around 5 pm, she comes back for her evening meal, flies off and goes to sleep. This little bird is so tame, when we have a BBQ, she comes and joines us and that is exactly what she did on our Chante's birthday, had to join in in our BBQ, to celebrate with Chante.
We call her Krombekkie (Crooked mouth), because her mouth is a bit misformed, but I think it is from falling out the nest. She sits on my shoulder and sometimes even on my head, but I dont mind one bit, she is such a lovely little bird, we all love her.


Now these two are Oumie's pride and joy, they are they best gift that God could have ever given an Oumie. Chante is 8 years old and Natasha is 5. They are the best buddies, but boy they can also be best enemies!!!. Oumie is baie lief vir julle. Get well soon you two, Oumie prays for a speedy recovery. They both had their tonsils removed on 2 April, and they have some pain, but it will get better and their health will improve in leaps and bounds.

OUPA AND HIS GIRLS (Chantal, Chante and Natasha)

These 3 (not Chantal) love posing and they are always ready for a photo or two. Natasha is the serious one and thinks that if she smiles her face will crack!!! lol just a joke.

Well my friends, thanks to my darling friend Mel for creating such a lovely design on my Blog, she works magic.

Dankie my liefste vriendin, jy is die beste.

Have a great day, I am going to sit and do what I love best, KNIT, till we chat again, love you all.

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Lil Knitter said...

That's a cute photo. You're doing so well.
It was my pleasure to help you...Chantal is next. :)
Baie lief vir jou!!!!